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Colorful Celebration as Mzimba South District Area Receives Bicycle Ambulances
Colorful Celebration as Mzimba South District Area Receives Bicycle Ambulances
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Global Hope Mobilization handed over 21 Bicycle Ambulances to 21 ADCs in three Traditional Authorities; Mzikubola, Mzukuzuku and M’mbelwa respectively. All this was done with additional funding from Positive Action for children Fund (PACF) in conjunction with the organization in the project Kalondolondo Wa Amama. This is a project in Tumbuka meaning ‘following up on mothers’ and aims at providing solutions on loss to follow up in PMTCT in Traditional authorities stated above. KWAP is meant to contribute towards goal of getting to zero HIV infections, discrimination, and AIDS-related deaths. The project intends to achieve this through increasing community based follow ups and referrals of women for possible treatment.

The event took place at Embangweni Mission Hospital in Mzimba District.

On the event, the District Health Officer, Dr. Alinafe Mbewe expressed her words of gratitude. “I would like to thank Global Hope Mobilization for the works they are doing here in Mzimba district. I think what we all want is one thing and that is a healthy nation. Even here in Mzimba we have the same wish and a goal that we cannot accomplish alone as a hospital”. She also added that Mzimba District is very large that people travel long distances. Some even travel 10 kilometers to reach the hospital.

Most of the health centers that surround Embangweni Mission Hospital face the problem of lack of means of transportation. Pregnant mothers travel long distances in order to access medication attention. “Due to this problem there is an increase in maternal deaths around Mzimba south”, the Chairman of Embangweni Hospital said. The distribution of pushbike ambulances will enhance to mitigate the predicament that health centers are facing.

During the event the Executive Director Mr. Caleb Thole said, “Our main purposes are to advocate for an HIV free generation, promoting male championship (men taking part in ANC) and reinforcement of by laws. These programs are going on well in areas where they have been implemented and success is expected”.

The people who graced the occasion were DPD, DNO, DHO and rep. of the T/A Mzukuzuku.

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