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January 2017, Glohomo
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Communities with improved quality of life
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Communities with improved quality of life.


GLOHOMO is local non-profit making NGO working in Malawi to promote access to equitable quality health services, through creating linkages between communities and service providers, community mobilization and improving service delivery in existing providers.


Reduce the burden of disease and poverty among women, children and young people


Promote Economic Empowerment
Promote Environmental and Climate Change activities
Provide Sexual Reproductive health services to marginalized communities
Enhance Social Entrepreneurship by building capacity in empowering communities towards achieving their full and active participation in development activities
Promote Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Mudzi wa Chikwanekwane Project
Mudzi wa Chikwanekwane Project
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Mudzi wa Chikwanekwane is vernacular local language Chichewa meaning a village that its community members (households) meet their basic needs. The project is a community integrated social economic empowerment and skills development project which addresses the multifaceted problems that communities face as a result of lack of basic facilities/ infrastructure and skills to improve the community households. It also attempts to address most crucial aspects of human needs like shelter, food security, household income and water and sanitation at community level.

The project involves building capacity of community/household members in hygienic practices, environmental conservation, agriculture and economic empowerment, through trainings and support initiatives. The project further focus on improving the quality of, and access to education for girls and boys by constructing School infrastructure at Kang’oma Primary School. The activities are implemented in Lilongwe District, Kang’oma Village in the area of traditional authority Tsabango. This is a three-year project from September 2014 to August 2017, expected to directly benefit about 650 households; representing a total population of 3,250 as direct beneficiaries. The Project targets women and children through various interventions which attempt to address the specific needs of the vulnerable populations living in Kang’oma Village.

On 5th to the 9th of March 2017, GLOHOMO will partake in the Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2017.
For more info and registration click here.
Campaign to moborize women and girls to undergo for cervical cancer screening
February 2017. Active care training targeting project volunteers and health care workers
Service provision and awareness campaign on safe motherhood
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