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GLOHOMO is local non-profit making NGO working in Malawi to promote access to equitable quality health services, through creating linkages between communities and service providers, community mobilization and improving service delivery in existing providers.


Reduce the burden of disease and poverty among women, children and young people


Promote Economic Empowerment
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Enhance Social Entrepreneurship by building capacity in empowering communities towards achieving their full and active participation in development activities
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Consumer Action Forums (CAFS)
Consumer Action Forums (CAFS)
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
The country level CAF initiative was initially launched in 2012 in Malawi. It invites all members of civil society and other interested parties to come together, as a broad based alliance, to discuss and advocate issues surrounding the access to medicines on a national level.

In Malawi Global Hope Mobilization (GLOHOMO) is Coordinator and provides secretariat services for the CAF Malawi and has given high priority to access to medicine by working closely with 50 civil society organizations. Every organization within the CAF remains independent, but the national CAF creates a coordination focal point that private businesses, public organizations and government can look to when needing to engage civil society. The country level CAFs will also be able to approach funding organizations as a grouping, rather than individual organizations.

The National Malawi CAF is the member of the regional CAF, launched in December 2013, represents the country level CAFs at a SADC level. It is expected that the national CAF’s will use the regional organization to engage on issues affecting access to medicines across all SADC countries. The CAF Malawi with intent being sustainability, is expected to be the torchbearers for advocacy action, promoting scaled-up access to essential medicines beyond SARPAM after December 2014 in Malawi.

In Malawi the CAF works hand in hand with the Tendai Project and uses the collected data as evidence for lobbying and advocacy to policy makers on access to medicine.

CAF Malawi has conducted several activities that has contributed to the increment of the National budget for health 2014/2015 in Malawi. CAF Malawi used press releases, documentaries and petitions to relevant government ministries. CAF Malawi also engaged the presidential aspirants of the 2014 tripartite elections to lobby for their support, 12 presidential aspirants signed the commitment forms including the incumbent president of the republic of Malawi. CAF Malawi has conducted several meetings to ensure improved access to medicine in Malawi. It organized roundtable stakeholders meeting to lobby for more funding for CAF and Tendai activities.

CAF also has conducted National review meetings to review the work of the CAF. CAF Malawi has also developed the Advocacy and communication strategy for the CAF Malawi to help guide advocacy activities in Malawi. CAF Malawi has also developed the sustainability plan for the CAF Malawi and has engaged on local resource mobilization. Through its activities CAF Malawi has been incorporated in the National Technical working groups of M-health, Monitoring and Evaluation Technical working group and Medicine and Intellectual property rights.

CAF Malawi has contributed to the reduction of stock outs in Malawi with its advocacy strategies and shaped the policy environment on access to medicine in Malawi.

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