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Communities with improved quality of life.


GLOHOMO is local non-profit making NGO working in Malawi to promote access to equitable quality health services, through creating linkages between communities and service providers, community mobilization and improving service delivery in existing providers.


Reduce the burden of disease and poverty among women, children and young people


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The Carbon Project
The Carbon Project
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world according to World Bank Report (2015). 70% of Malawi population live in rural areas and cannot afford the privilege of connecting to electricity and therefore depend on depleting the forest for fuel. Biomass remains the major source of energy, especially in rural areas. Most households rely on biomass energy for cooking and space heating. The resulting pressure on forests and trees leads to extensive deforestation and erosion. And the traditional way of cooking on open fire furthermore leads to severe problems of indoor air pollution and it is allied to health hazards.

Global Hope Mobilization a member of Fair Climate Network Southern Africa (FCN SA); is implementing carbon projects for the sustainable development of poor communities in Dowa District, Malawi. The project targets about 60, 000 households in the district.

And GLOHOMO designed and produced a portable energy efficient cook stove that uses fire wood. The stove was designed to meet the cooking and home heating demands at household level and to reduce the health hazards associated with the three stone cook stove method commonly used in the rural areas of Malawi.

The traditional way of cooking in Malawi is to light an open fire, placing the pot on three stones. This requires a lot of fuel wood due to inefficient combustion and furthermore it leads to a lot of smoke that is seriously affecting health.

Although, different types of improved stoves have been developed to reduce the amount of wood used, avoid smoke emission and improve handling, but the improved households stove produced by Global Hope Mobilization is very much portable and it is called Bwenzi Mbaula (Friend stove). It is produced from locally available material such as pottery clay and metal. The cost of producing the Bwenzi Mbaula is a bit high as compared to other stoves, but it is fairly cheaper in the long term because of its durability. The Bwenzi stove is designed to suit and target low and middle income households in both rural and semi urban areas.

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