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Kalondolondo Wa Amama Project (KWAP)
Kalondolondo Wa Amama Project (KWAP)
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Mother-to-child transmission is the single most important source of HIV infection in children. Reducing transmission requires an
increase in access to integrated and comprehensive program interventions focusing on primary prevention of HIV infection
among women and their partners; prevention of unintended pregnancies among HIV-infected women; prevention of HIV
transmission from HIV-infected women to their children; and the provision of treatment, care and support for women living
with HIV and AIDS, their children and families and bringing the defaulters back into system for possible treatment. While
provision of ARV prophylaxis may reduce the risk of intra-partum transmission, its effectiveness will most likely be reduced if
other essential maternal and child health interventions are not in place.

Global Hope Mobilization has been implementing the Kalondolondo wa Amama Project in Mzimba district Malawi with financial
support from Positive Action for Children (PACF). The project life span was for 3 years started in January 2014 and ending in
December 2016. “Kalondolondo wa Amama” is a project named in vernacular Tumbuka language (main language in Mzimba
district) meaning “following up on mothers” and aims at providing solutions on loss to follow up in PMTCT in Traditional
Authorities Mzikubola, Mbelwa and Mzukuzuku in Mzimba district north of Malawi.

The project is targeting 10,500 women in areas of Mzikubola, Mbelwa and Mzukuzuku in Mzimba district. Global Hope
Mobilization (GLOHOMO) carried out consultations with Chiefs, community members especially women and District Health
Management Team and other related stakeholders on the need to implement the project in the district. Despite the crucial
need of PMTCT interventions in these areas, there was no organization that was implementing a PMTCT related Project in the
areas hence the need to implement the project rose.

The Project has assisted more women to have health seeking behavior in relation to their sexual and reproductive health. This
activity has assisted more women to access family planning services through the project
s community outreaches. Through one
to one counseling sessions, People Living with HIV and AIDS are able to open up and seek care and psychosocial support from
health and psychosocial personnel right in their communities. The project has managed to recruit volunteers and build capacity
of women on care and treatment, PMTCT, Family Planning, SRHR and bi-directional referral system so that they are able to
track and refer women from all the 304 villages we are working with in Mzimba.

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