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Mrs. Chimwemwe Kapiza aged 32 a member of Chisomo SHG and a mother of 5 children is ever thankful of this approach. At first she had a small business whereby she was selling sugarcane but now she has a shop whereby she is selling plastic shoes, this is a result of the loan that she gets from the group.

The women have benefited greatly from the loans they got from their groups with some of them buying a piece of land, for example Mrs. Janet Fortunate from Tithandizane SHG who has managed to buy a piece of land because of the loan that she gets from the group. Her next dream is to build a house in that land.

Women are able to feed their children 3 times a day and are able to provide needs for their children because of the small businesses that they are running. Small businesses has helped women to stand on their own rather than depending on their husbands to provide food for the family.
The self Help Group
The self Help Group
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
The Self Help Group Approach (SHGA) is a rights-based approach which views poverty as the denial of rights and poverty alleviation as a process of reclaiming one’s rights. Given the multi-dimensional nature of poverty, however, the SHG Approach puts equal emphasis on the goals of economic, social and political empowerment. In order to achieve these goals, it offers a framework and guidance for establishing a People’s Institution which provide an environment of trust and cooperation in which people come to realize they are able to help themselves to achieve the economic, social and political goals that they themselves define.

The SHG Approach is a bottom-up approach which builds on peoples’ existing capabilities and strengths. It is an empowerment approach which prioritizes the building and strengthening of a People’s Institution. It does this by investing in social capital and human capabilities, especially those of women with their children, to enable them to participate in decision-making at the household, community, and macro level and to lift themselves out of poverty.

Our experience as Global Hope Mobilization (GLOHOMO) has shown that the SHG Approach is very important in situations where: people are living in a state of despair or without any hope under destructive living conditions, communities are in disorder because of long lasting conflicts, economic empowerment alone is not introducing or improving the basic rights of children, and prevailing conditions do not allow the poor to participate and to develop.

GLOHOMO is implementing the Self Help Group Approach in Group Village Headman Chiudzira in Lilongwe rural District. In this area GLOHOMO has formed 23 SHGs in 16 villages in order to empower women economically, socially and politically. The organization has trained 20 book writers, conducted training in business skills, and also conducted training in HIV and AIDS, breast and cervical cancer and Herpes prevention and treatment.

The formulation of SHGs have helped to boost economic status of women and their households. Women are able to take loans from their groups and start small scale businesses. Improvement of economic statuses of women in the area which is ideal for eliminating poverty and hunger at household and encourage household members attend school. Overall the project is molded towards strengthening the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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