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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Wakile is an “We hear a lot about our developing bodies and from our friends who have already experienced it…….” That was a shared sentiment among the majority of the adolescents interviewed for this story at Embangweni on Friday afternoon, 23 October 2015. One girl took up the role of a back stopper to the points raised by her peers, though she seemed quite reserved at first she slowly unraveled but only by responding when the rest had raised their points of view or had nothing more to say and every time she did it she had very intriguing insights.

Walekile is a bright 15years old form three student from Embangweni Community Day Secondary School. Tall, dark in complexion and has an adolescent acne scarred face that loudly advertises her adolescence. She is quite shy but interestingly has no doubt that journalism is what her future will be all about. She confides that she loves history, language and literature studies in school. At the age of 15 she exudes an extraordinary confidence best described as astute eloquence beyond her age in issues concerning adolescents today including HIV AIDS which probably explains why and how she is a member of a Youth Club at her school. She was her club’s natural choice representative at the Adolescent Peer Educators in SRHR and HIV AIDS Training workshop organized by Global Hope Mobilization at Embangweni Mission Hospital in Mzimba District under the project dubbed Narrowing the Gap funded by GIZ.

Asked how she found the training she had this to say, “This is a much more fun and free environment for us to learn about development of our bodies, sex and sexually transmitted diseases unlike at school where our teachers are reluctant to go deeper into details. The trainers here know a lot and are patient……Now we have more accurate knowledge to enrich our social discussions with friends both formally and informally.”

The adolescents training was preceded by a different one for Local and Religious Leaders. All the trainings covered topics such as Signs and symptoms of STIs, teaching methodology in SRHR, HIV and AIDS prevention, the ABC of positive living, and available options of contraceptives for the sexually active, the supportive role of traditional and religious leadership and the central role of adolescents in reaching out to their peers. The Peer educators are expected to be supported by Global Hope Mobilization officers and Traditional and Religious leaders in mobilizing youths and holding events in their respective communities to spread the message inculcate, nurture and heighten a culture of demanding SRHR services in adolescents.

The trainings ran concurrently with others in Lilongwe and Ntcheu districts. The project intends to reach 300 000 adolescents with accurate SRHR and HIV and AIDS messages and services. The project is being implemented by Global Hope Mobilization with funding from GIZ.

Other components set to be rolled are theater training for 40 adolescents and 15 outreach events that would be headlined by Malawi’s music icon Skeffa Chimoto.

Walekile is only one of 300 adolescents trained in Lilongwe, Mzimba and Ntcheu districts. As the interview drew to an end she asked, “Is it possible to have these trainings often for similar age groups?”

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